Latest DJ Fastbinder set – “Progressive Breaks is a Compliment”

Tons of fresh new tracks in this one from a lot of the big names. Superbly mixed.  Definitely grab this and add it to your iPod rotation.  DJ Fastbinder making an early push for 2012 Prog Breaks DJ of the year.

5 New Free Tracks from the Digital Sensation UK Back Catalogue

Super breaks label continues to give away top tracks from their early days. Grab the latest 5 from their soundcloud page right here:

Digital Sensation UK – Giving Away Back Catalogue Releases

One of the best progressive breaks labels out there DSUK is giving away tracks from their early days. These are not the tracks that “didn’t make the cut” these are the actual first, early releases from this stellar label.  Follow along on Facebook to get the information and to get the tracks.

Hot new Progressive Breaks Set from Rune Recordings.

Recently we the fans named Rune Recordings Progressive Breaks label of the year, shortly thereafter they release a set showcasing why. Get it on Soundcloud now right here:

The First Annual Progressive, Deep and Melodic Breaks Polls Awards – 2011

For the first year ever we decided to get your opinion on who the best artists are and what the best tracks were for the year 2011, specifically in the genre of Progressive Breaks. This genre has really flourished in the last few years in terms of the number of quality tracks coming out each month but unfortunately the sound doesn’t get much representation in the Breakspoll. Below are the winners based on votes by fans of the genre.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote. We hope to make this even bigger in 2012 and the vote in 2013.

Without further ado:

Best Original Track:

El Aero/Solesystem – Birds – Morphosis Limited

The Mighty Morphosis Limited records has released so many quality tunes this past year. This is the shining example.  El Aero and Solesystem turn out to be a deadly combination that we need to see more of! The track is deep, emotive with superb breaks.

Runner Up: Abdomen Burst – Karkelure – Morphosis Limited

Best Remix

Abdomen Burst – Sakkura (Affective Remix) – Rune Recordings

This was a bit of a sleeper in my opinion because the track had so many remixes and the original was so good. But rising star Affective comes through with beautifully crafted track that dances on the line of dubstep production techniques driving back to the signature melody and vocal. I played this in a set before many had heard it and had everyone asking what remix it was. An absolute stormer not to be missed.

Runner Up: Abdomen Burst – Karkelure (Aeron Aether Remix) – Morphosis Limited

Best Freebie Track

Grade – Emotion Comes From Within (Trukers Remix) – Soundcloud

One might call shenanigans given that I wrote the original of this track but I can honestly tell you this category was not even close. Trukers won in a land side. I’ve probably heard this track show up in the set of virtually every progressive breaks DJ’s set at least a couple of times. Trukers aka Rubén Núñez really hit his stride this year as a producer and this track showcases all the skills he’s acquired.  Best of all, it’s free!

Runner Up:  Sasha  – Expander (Mesmer Remix)

Best Producer:


Check out his full page linked above or a sample track below. Ok so I don’t know what’s up with the name someone will have to explain that to me, but no one cannot argue what a prolific progressive breaks artist Andrew aka Abdomen Burst is.  Given that he is represented in almost every category in this poll it should come as no surprise that he’s you’re favorite producer. Everyone of his tracks is an epic soundscape that takes you deeper and deeper into his sound. To be a good breaks producer you have to master the skills of melody writing, beat and rhythm programming and of course mastering. It’s hard to find another producer that has done so more masterfully than Abdomen Burst. He’s featured on every respectable label. He’s remixes are top notch.  Trance has Tiesto, Progressive House has Sasha, Electro House has DeadMau5, Techno has Richie Hawtin, Nu Skool Breaks has the Stanton Warriors… We fans of Progressive Breaks have Abdomen Burst.

Runner Up: Trukers  (Very impressive considering Ruben really just came onto the scene in the past year)

Best DJ

DJ Peaceful –

Another category where it wasn’t much of a competition, DJ Peaceful pretty much cleaned house.  Go to his soundcloud page and see why. His leading the progressive breaks charge with massive sets that are superbly mixed. His sets have thousands of listens and comments. He always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to track selection. Maybe because he is constently scouring soundclound and beatport for new tracks.  How this kid is not out touring the world like all the big progressive house DJs I’ll never know. Check out his soundcloud page above for a full library of classic sets. Sample set below.

Runner Up: Trukers

Best Label

Rune Recordings

Leading not only the progressive breaks revolution but the psy and tech breaks revolution as well, Rune Recordings out of the Ukraine has caught fire this year. Looking at their “about” bio on Soundcloud and you can see they’ve signed a literal “who’s who” of breakbeat artists. Every original track seems to be a masterpiece followed by a collection of remixes make the whole package worth buying. When you look at the tracklisting of progressive breaks DJ sets it’s not surprising to see 4 maybe even 5 Rune tracks in a 12 song set.  I really don’t think this label can be stopped in 2012.

So once again, THANK YOU to everyone that voted. We hope that this is year one of many  more years of the Progressive Breaks Poll! We want to go bigger and better in 2012 and we hope to put together an event where we can all share some tunes together. All the best!

Seann Grade-E


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